Limitless: The First Decade (1)


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Limitless is the word we use to describe potential. It means having endless possibilities or the ability to see beyond the horizon, but to our heroine who tells her stories throughout this series, it means ‘overcoming’. Shalette’s unstoppable spirit shines through with each dramatic episode, shared in living colour with humour and candour. These are stories about how a young girl sees and understands her world; how she learns to survive, and most importantly, how she forms relationships with some of the most memorable people in her community, who have helped to shape her experiences. Each chapter is narrated by Shalette, in her own voice, and according to her own reflections. She sees every adventure as part of a greater puzzle that is her ultimate destiny. She comes to know that her life is special and has purpose. She feels her worth despite every setback or challenge, but understands that her journeys are linked to those of her beloved family members. Shalette’s love for family is one of her great highlights and lessons to you, the reader. As you peruse the pages of Limitless, it is important to always remember that our ability to triumph and overcome is often built upon the efforts of those who love and support us throughout our lifetime, no matter their own circumstances.